About Artist

Gina Adams is a contemporary Canadian artist now living and working in rural Minnesota. She obtained her BFA degree in 2008 from the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design. Working primarily in acrylics on canvas, her work has recently been described as a compelling example of “magical realism.” Leaving the vast prairies of Alberta in 2019 and settling in along the rocky shores of Lake Superior had been transformative. With the support of her family, her innate love of songbirds and a collection of her Grandma’s tea cups she has thrived by working fervently in her off the grid studio ensconced deep in a dense maple forest. Her outdoor studio is surrounded by an infinite variety of migratory and winter faring birds that inspire her “Birds On A Cup” paintings.
The inspiration for her creations was born with one simple still life painting of a teacup sitting on a windowsill. Noticing birds fluttering around outside her window it seemed all too natural to incorporate them into the composition. The inspiration has continued to influence her art and over the years she has amassed a delightful body of work that illustrates her talent, passion, and whimsical outlook on art and nature. For her it has been life changing.
Gina Adams - Artist
Harvesting maple syrup

Living and painting in a forest helped Gina overcome a crippling level of anxiety that was beginning to wreak havoc on her everyday life. The entire process of creating in the wilderness has served as a meditational respite on a lifetime journey to self-actualization.

From spending endless solitary hours in the woods trying to get the perfect reference photo of an elusive bird to the time spent simply watching and contemplating the sunlight glistening off the gold rim of a familiar teacup, the innocence, magic and wonder of childhood is able to resurface in her adult life. Gina would agree with Frida Kahlo’s simple but eloquent statement, “Painting completed my life.

Gina’s original “birds on a cup” art is also available greeting cards, canvas prints and tea towels.